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what we've been up to

This is where you will find more information about all the learning activities that have been going on in Shackleton class.


Autumn Term 2019

We started the term by getting to know each other. We also spent time getting used to the routines of Shackleton. We  enjoy having toast together every morning. 

We also enjoy some 'Quiet Time' each morning using the Cosmic Kids yoga and Go Noodle activities.

We spent time focusing on our feelings and emotions and learnt about facial expressions and body language. We had great fun making 'Crumpet faces' as part of this topic. We also enjoyed trying lots of different healthy fruits!

We learnt about the signs of autumn and created our own 'Conker Snails' and Autumn Playdoh.

We have been learning about our feelings and emotions by watching the film 'Inside Out'. We thought about the times that we feel the emotions shown in the film and how we can support each other if we are feeling sad,scared or angry. We also talked about our happy memories and worked together to produce some art work based on the film.

Spring Term 20

We enjoy our daily 'Toast Time' in Shackleton. We were inspired by the book 'Hooray for Bread' by Allan Ahlberg to become bakers!

We set up a bakery in our role play area and made salt dough bread and cakes.

We tasted lots of different breads from around the world and had a go at making our own rolls and cake.

We learnt about money and how to add up prices and give change in our shop.