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what we've been up to

This is where you will find more information about all the learning activities that have been going on in Shackleton class.

Summer Term 2019

We started the new term by reading the book 'Personal Space Camp' by Julia Cook. We talked about what happens if our personal space 'bubble' is popped and how we can make sure we are respecting others personal space. We played lots of fun games to develop our understanding and even went outside to blow our own 'space bubbles' in the sunshine!

We really enjoyed learning about how to care for babies. We created a 'baby clinic' in our role play area and spent time feeding,changing,singing and playing with our babies.

We read the books 'The Perfect Baby' by Tony Bradman and 'Dr Xargle's book of Earthlets' by Jeanne Willis. We discussed what babies need to be happy and healthy. We had a go at mixing up some real baby porridge and learnt how to put real nappies on our babies! 

We spent the  week before half term focusing on the whole school theme of mental health and wellbeing. We used the '5 ways to wellbeing' materials to try lots of different activities that helped us to: CONNECT,BE ACTIVE,GIVE,KEEP LEARNING and TAKE NOTICE. We discussed which activities we enjoyed and how they helped our wellbeing.  Some of our favourite activities were making a healthy fruit salad together,welcoming some of our friends to Shackleton for toast time,spending time outdoors in nature,learning some science with fun and messy experiments and keeping up our weekly yoga sessions.

To celebrate the release of the new 'Toy Story' film we designed our own Toy Story characters. We also watched some clips from the films and talked about our favourite characters and what made them a good friend. We made our own model of one of the new characters, 'Forky'.




Spring Term 2019

We started the new year by reading the book 'Oh The Places You'll Go!' by Dr Seuss. We talked about the message of the book and came up with our own ideas about our plans for the future and the places we'd like to visit.

In maths we used the book 'How Many Jelly Beans? by Andrea Menotti. We used real jelly beans to revisit our estimating,addition,subtraction,multiplication and division skills.

We have continued our focus on cooking and this half term have made healthy fruit and cream cheese crackers as well as some delicious muffins!

We have improved our maths skills by playing lots of domino games.

We read and enjoyed the book 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey. We were inspired to act out some of our own Traction Man stories and then used these as inspiration to write our own books and comic strips.

We enjoyed making our own 'Rainbow Coloured Toast' as part of Toast Time!

We were inspired to create our own Lego Creations after a visit from the 'Block Bus'! We created stories and mini figure characters using our imaginations. We also used Lego to improve our listening and attention skills by playing lots of 'Barrier Games'. W even used Lego to help with our maths work. We categorised Lego bricks using Venn diagrams and used bricks to help us add and multiply.

We shared our knowledge of Lego in a class assembly. 

At the end of term we developed our measuring skills by measuring a range of small world and natural objects. We also put our measuring and weighing  skills to the test by making some Easter biscuits.


Autumn Term 2018

We started the term by getting to know each other. We created our own Shackleton flags that told people about the things we like to do. We also spent time getting used to the routines of Shackleton. We are enjoying having toast together every morning. Our 'Toast Team' are very helpful and polite and we have a good team of washer uppers as well!

We've enjoyed some 'Quiet Time' each morning using the Cosmic Kids yoga and Go Noodle activities.

In maths we have focused on numbers and place value. We have used hundred squares, bead strings and even shaving foam to count and write numbers to 10,20 and 100!

We have learnt about some of the vegetables harvested at this time of year. We described some real vegetables using powerful adjectives and counted,measured and shared out potatoes,peas and carrots in maths!

We enjoyed using the vegetables to make our own 'Harvest Soup'.

Continuing our Autumn theme we have enjoyed reading the story of 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert. We created our own 'Leaf Man' stories and had fun collecting leaves to make our own Leaf Man picture.

In maths we used autumn objects such as conkers and pine cones to work on our addition and subtraction skills.

We made our own Autumn Scented Playdough and have enjoyed reading the Autumn themed book 'Sweep' by Louise Greig. We used the book as a starting point for talking about how we deal with grumpy and angry feelings and what helps to make us calm.


Autumn Term 2

We used the book 'On Monday When It Rained' to talk about different emotions and situations that might make us have mixed feelings. We created our own version of the story after enjoying using the mirrors to show a range of facial expressions.

We continued our work on addition,subtraction and estimating by using a range of concrete objects to develop our skills.

As part of our work in Anti Bullying week we took part in 'Odd Socks Day'. We designed our own socks and included written examples of how we showed respect to others. We also used our times tables knowledge to count in 2's and pair up all of Miss Dorling's odd socks!

We made some 'Friendship biscuits' and enjoyed sharing them at toast time.

We read the book 'Along came a different' by Tom McLaughlin. We spent time discussing the importance of difference and shared the similarities and differences between us. The story features different shapes that can't get along so we used the book as a basis for some work on 2D shape and pattern.

The school were lucky to have a visit from 'Pets as Therapy'. After meeting some Therapy dogs in assembly we continued the theme in class with a 'Dog Grooming Parlour' role play area and addition and subtraction with dog treats in maths!

Just before Christmas we watched the cartoon version of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'. We came up with ideas to make the Grinch's heart grow bigger and thought of some adjectives to describe him.

We enjoyed inviting our friends to have toast with us!

At the end of term we even had a visit from the Grinch himself and we talked to him about the things he could do to try and grow his heart! He was very grateful for all of our good advice.