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Primary School

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activities to try at home

In Shackleton class we are always excited to try new things!

Maybe you could try some of our favourite activities at home.

1) In Shackleton class we take turns to make and serve toast and do the washing up. You could serve breakfast or a snack to your family and then wash up the dishes afterwards!

2) We love to share our news and how we are feeling each day. Try to make time to do this at home,on the way to school or at bedtime.

3) We enjoy reading and talking about books. Some of our recent favourites include: 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey, 'You Choose' by Pippa Goodhart/ Nick Sharratt and 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra. Can you retell the stories to someone at home or visit your local library to find more books by these authors?

4) We develop our sharing and collaboration skills by playing lots of board games and playing imaginary games together. Have you got favourite games you can play or teach each other at home?

5) We love to cook new recipes. Recent favourites have included 'Rainbow Toast', 'Choc Muffins' and 'Apple Pies'. Try a new recipe at home and work together to read the recipe and weigh out all the ingredients.

6) Messy Play is great fun! We enjoy making our own playdough and slime or playing with plasticine. We've also enjoyed tracing letters in shaving foam and playing with water and  dried beans and lentils.

7) We try to do some 'Cosmic Kids' yoga or 'Go Noodle' exercises each week. You can set up your own 'Go Noodle' account to use at home or try some 'Cosmic Kids' yoga on their free Youtube channel.