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Parent Pages

Welcome to the 'Parents' Area' section of the website. Here you will find a variety of resources, including general information and resources to support your child's learning, which we hope you will find helpful.

PLEASE NOTE: Individual class pages can now be found under 'Class pages' on the left.


Teaching staff


Mrs Louise Norgate Headteacher
Mrs Sally Bailey

Deputy Headteacher/Inclusion Manager/Safeguarding Lead

Year 2 teacher - Java Class (Mon/Tues)

Mrs Julie Hymers Reception teacher- Caribbean Class
Miss Charley Cook Reception teacher - Sargasso Class
Miss Zoe Walker Year 1 teacher - Mediterranean Class
Miss Shanice Goodall Year 1 teacher - Caspian Class
Mrs Sarah Spears Year 2 teacher - Java Class (Wed-Fri)
Mr Michael Jarvis Year 2 teacher - Coral Class
Miss Bria Williamson Year 3 teacher - Earle Class
Ms Dorota Myga Year 3 teacher - Ericson Class
Miss Rebecca Cook Year 4 teacher - Columbus Class
Mr Alex Clark Year 4 teacher - Jemison Class
Mrs Lucy Haynes Year 5 teacher - Da Gama Class
Mrs Maria Black Year 5 teacher- Magellan Class
Mr Mike Barber Year 6 teacher - Frobisher Class
Mrs Beverly Hart Year 6 teacer - Drake Class
Miss Sarah Dorling SENCO/Shackleton Class



Support staff


Mrs Sally Cunliffe Office Manager
Mrs Rachel Girling Admin Assistant
Mrs Emma Nelson Admin Assistant
Miss Claire Mathews Higher Level Teaching Assistant/PE Co-ordinator
Mrs Rachel Bunn High Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Joan Mason Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kim Richards Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jodie Jenkins Teaching Assistant
Miss Rachael King Teaching Assistant
Miss Bridget Love Teaching Assistant
Miss Laura Desborough  Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lucy Wegmann Teaching Assistant
Miss Laura Breen Teaching Assistant
Mrs Catherine Spenceley Teaching Assistant
Mrs Heather Oakley Teaching Assistant/HLTA
Miss Charlotte Moore Teaching Assistant/Mid Day  Supervisor
Mrs Paula Harrison Teaching Assistant/Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Joanne Collins Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bev Pitt Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gill Lackey Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julie Hannah Teaching Assistant/Mid Day Supervisor
Ms Sharon Chapman Teaching Assistant/Mid Day Supervisor
Mr Tom Crowle Teaching Assistant/Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Lisa Hall Midday Supervisor
Mrs Satbinder Kandola Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sharon Richardson  Teaching Assistant/Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Laura Lindsay Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Cathryn Todd Mid Day Supervisor
Miss Anne Marie Boston Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Elaine Geldenhuys Mid Day Supervisor
Mrs Rahnuma Sultana  Mid Day Supervisor 
Mrs Laura Lacza  Mid Day Supervisor 
Mrs Samar Habrari Mid Day Supervisor 
Mrs Prashanthi Kantam  Mid Day Supervisor 
Mrs Wendy Reynolds Mid Day Supervisor 
Mrs Leonora Roberts Family Support Worker