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Ofsted Report, July 2016

Governors are pleased that the Ofsted team acknowledged the excellent work that staff do to ensure that all our children feel safe and cared for. We are pleased that they recognised that our school is a happy place. As well as continuing to raise children’s academic attainment, we will continue to give equal priority to children’s social and emotional development; to developing their ability to think critically and ethically; and to providing a broad and exciting curriculum that includes music, art, sport, outdoor learning and imaginative enquiry.

The school has never been complacent, regularly inviting external advisors to scrutinise our work. The 2016 national test results have been published and we know that our results for this year were good: higher than the national average in writing; higher in the proportion of children meeting age-related expectations in all three subjects of maths, reading and writing; and considerably higher in maths. 

 As part of the Yare Education Trust, we will continue to work closely with colleagues from other schools to ensure that all our children benefit from the best possible teaching and learning opportunities, whilst also maintaining Dussindale’s particular approach to nurturing the development of the whole child, so that they leave the school full of confidence and excitement to face the challenges ahead.