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Highlights of the fortnight beginning 6th July 2015:

  • What a busy fortnight it has been. 
  • In maths the children have finished the year recapping key number terms (such as square and triangular numbers, multiples and factors), and then solving a problem that involved using them.  We also had a brief look at some algebra.
  • In literacy the children have been watching a series of short films about imaginary planets and responding to them how they wished – some wrote holiday brochures, others went for descriptive writing and others some short playscripts.
  • We also looked at onomatopoeic words, and created some posters of them.
  • We had a visit from the Fire Brigade, who arrived with one of their engines and talked through their jobs and the dangers of fire with the children.  They then wrote some reports to show what they had learnt.
  • The Year 6 children spent another day at the high school for their Design and Technology taster day.  They returned with an array of lovely boats, pencil holders and scones.
  • The Year 5 children spent a morning in their classes for next year.
  • The Year 6 children have spent some time this week practicing their Leavers’ Assembly.  I am writing this before the assembly, but I hope that those of you able to join us enjoyed it.
  • And that is it.  Another year gone.  We wish all of the Year 6 childre  n the very best for their futures.  We will miss them next year.


Things to do at home over the holiday:

  • Read – anything and everything.  If you do 20 minutes of reading a day it will really help with your literacy next year.
  • Times tables – 5 minutes practice a day would go a really long way.  It is easy to practice because you can do it anywhere at anytime. 
  • Relax and enjoy the break!

Highlights of the week beginning 29th June 2015:

  • What a hot week!  We hope you enjoyed Sports Day on Thursday – the coolest of the sports day this year luckily.
  • Thank you also to all of those parents who came to parent consultations this week – it was lovely to see you all and celebrate your child’s successes. 
  • Monday began with the Year 6 children visiting the High School for a performing arts morning.  We each got to take part in a workshop (which has really inspired some of the children) and then watch their drama club performance of Oliver.  Hopefully when we return next year we will see some of this Year 6 on stage!
  • The Year 5 children had their own performing arts morning in school, creating some dance inspired by the music Mars from the Planet Suite by Holst.
  • We have had maths in class this week, and have solved some area and perimeter problems, found out about triangular numbers and used tangrams to visualise and create shapes.
  • In literacy we have carried out a little more work on our Just So inspired stories, and worked in groups to discuss some alien planets.  We were able to generate insightful comments and some very interesting questions in response to them.
  • We also listened to the homework from last week – the children who completed it did really well overall, and are clearly reading a very wide selection of different books.  Those that did not lost Friday lunchtime to complete it in school.
  • Finally we have been looking at the art of Bridget Riley, and the op-art movement from the 1960’s.  The children have practiced some techniques and have used them to make some op-art inspired cubes for a 3-d display.


  • Spellings and minute maths are coming home this week for the final week this year.  Can we end the year with everybody getting full marks?
  • Enjoy the sunshine!  Sitting in the garden is the perfect time to be reading a book..!


YEAR 6 – please can we have reception aged photo of you by Friday please.



Highlights of the week beginning 22nd  June 2015:

  • First of all, thank you for your amazing projects.  Once again, you excelled yourselves!  There was an amazing range of different approaches to the task, and a great deal of creativity displayed.  They don’t really do the projects justice, but there are pictures  on the website to give a flavour of what everyone did.
  • This week in class, we have continued to work on our Just So stories, reaching the drafting stage now.  We have been working really hard to ensure that the stories contain enough detail to make them interesting.  Hopefully, we will be able to post these to the website before too long.
  • In maths, the year 5 children have worked mainly on fractions or shape, and the year 6 children have been using co-ordinates and problem solving using calculations and magic squares.
  • We found out a little about Ramadan this week, something which is currently happening in the Islamic calendar.  We then made our own Fanous, a lantern used during the month of fasting.
  • We revisited Holes on Friday, creating a Guide to Camp Green Lake.  We also looked at op-art and the artist Bridget Riley, before creating some art cubes.
  • Don’t forget it is parent consultations next week – the children have been busy this week writing their own reports which we will share with you during your appointment.


  • Spelling and minute maths as normal.
  • As the Year 6 children have a Reading Passport due in next Friday for the High School, this week can we all focus on reading (which, as we said at the start of the year, is always the most valuable thing you can do at home).  Come up with a 60-second summary of the book you are reading.  Next week, on Thursday, you will all be asked to share your summary with the class.  Think about the plot, who the book is aimed at, what you like or don’t like about it etc.

Highlights of the week beginning 15th  June 2015:

  • This week we have had a themed week finding out about different aspects of Spain.
  • On Monday we found out that Spain is divided into different states, each with its own identity and traditions.  We researched each of these between us and created some 3-d maps to present all we found out.
  • In the afternoon we had a Spanish food tasting session, sampling some different types of bread (the olive bread certainly divided opinion!), fruit and vegetables and cured meats such as salami and chorizo.  We also learnt the Spanish words for each of these types of food.
  • On Tuesday we spent the morning finding out about the artist Miro, looking at his life and work and then creating our own artworks inspired by his style and techniques.  Pictures on the website!
  • Wednesday saw us trying some Flamenco dancing, led by Mrs Collins.  Again, we found out about the history of this style of music and dance before learning a simple dance called the Tangos.
  • In the afternoon we found out about some Spanish festivals and some of the unique traditions they have.  The children were particularly intrigued by La Tomatina (the huge tomato fight held in Bunol, Valencia) and the Running of the Bulls, part of the festival of San Fermin in Pamplona.
  • We finished the week looking at some vocabulary for the weather, before creating bar and line graphs for temperatures and rainfall in Madrid.
  • We also managed to squeeze in a visit from an NHS First Aid trainer to refresh our knowledge about Heartstart and inform us of the latest updates in this area.
  • Finally, we carried out some shape puzzle investigations on Friday, which some of us will continue to work on next week.


  • Projects in on Tuesday – I look forward to seeing them!
  • A maths problem is enclosed similar to the ones we worked on this week in class.
  • Spelling and minute maths as normal.

Highlights of the week beginning 8th  June 2015:

  • This week we have been reading, watching and listening to some of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So stories.  This set of stories provides alternative reasons for the evolution of animals and we have been thinking about the features that that each have in common.  In time this will lead us to starting to think about our own alternative evolutionary tales.
  • On Tuesday, thanks to our PTFA, we were entertained by a touring pantomime company.  They performed the story of Alice In Wonderland – the theme of this year’s summer fete which is this weekend – see below.
  • On Wednesday the Year 6 children were lucky enough to travel to Kings Lynn to see the BBC Concert Orchestra perform ten pieces of classical music, chosen specifically to provide an introduction to children learning more about classical music.  We hope they enjoyed it!
  • Thursday saw the Year 6 children spend their first transition day at the high school.  The Year 5 children had a visit from John Lewis, who provided the materials and expertise needed to create some old fashioned woollen dollies.  We also did some cooking – making some delicious cinnamon swirls.
  • We also managed to squeeze in maths as well – each group has been working on key skills and problem solving activities.


  • No formal maths homework this week.  Spelling and minute maths continue as normal.  Don’t forget there are plenty of activities on Espresso and Interactive Resources to keep using.
  • Keep on with your projects please – not long until they are due in.  We are all very much looking forward to seeing what you have come up with.

DON’T FORGET:  it is the Alice in Wonderland themed fete this Saturday between 11am and 2pm.  As ever, there will be lots to see and do, and all profits will be spent by the PTFA for the benefit of all the children in the school.

Highlights of the week beginning 1st June 2015:

  • Welcome back – we hope you all had a lovely half term holiday.  It is hard to believe we are into the final term of the year already.
  • We have edited and written up the draft diaries we wrote the week before the holiday.  I am looking forward to reading them all over the next few days.
  • We have been finding out about the religion of Islam.  Having watched various video clips, we have found out lots of general facts as well as the story of Muhammad, and we are now in the process of creating our own guides to the religion.
  • In maths we have been problem solving when we have all been together.  I am sure the children can tell you what they have been up to in their groups!
  • We worked in teams to solve a problem involving making a pyramid of plastic cups – with the snag of not  being able to touch the cups themselves.  After quite a lot of cheating (!), one group came up with a fantastic solution which spurred the others on to solving the problem – in an honest way.  
  • The evolution of the whale has been our science focus.  We have been closely looking at how the skeleton of the whale has changed over millions of years as the animal moved from the land and into the sea.                 


  • Maths homework is enclosed
  • Spelling and minute maths
  • Keep on with your projects please

Highlights of the week beginning 18th May  2015:

  • Back to normal this week by and large.
  • On Monday we started to create some animal fact files, researching and presenting animals that live in the Galapagos Islands.
  • We also found out how animals have adapted over time to be able to survive in their environments.  We found out that the whale started out as a dog-like creature that lived on land until its source of food changed!
  • In literacy we have been catching up with the book Holes.  We have been thinking about diaries again, and have started a ‘hot task’ to try and put into practice all we have learnt and discussed about this style of writing.
  • We have been finding out about electrical insulators and conductors, testing different materials within circuits.
  • We had a Road Safety teacher come in to class to get us thinking about our safety when we are out and about.  The most common age group involved in accidents is 11-15 so this proved quite timely.
  • In maths we have had a little swap around – I am sure your child can tell you who they are now with!  On Monday as a whole class though we carried out a murder mystery maths investigation.
  • Have a lovely half term holiday and we will see you all in a weeks time!                 


  • Spelling and minute maths are back for the first week after the holiday
  • A project is enclosed – please use your time wisely.  You have again a long time to complete it and what you hand in to me should reflect that please. 
  • Reading – above everything else this continues to be the most useful thing you can do at home.  You have a week off next week – plenty of time to read a good book!

Highlights of the week beginning 11th May  2015:

  • What a week.
  • The Year 6 children have been fantastic this week; they all approached each SATS test with such maturity and I for one am incredibly proud of them all.  They should be too!  It is lovely to finally have them behind us and now we can fully concentrate on getting them ready for High School.
  • On Friday we spent the morning at Jamies Italian – a lovely way to end a tiring and stressful week.  We had a tour of the restaurant and then made our own Squash It Sandwiches, full of healthy vegetables.  Some only managed a dry bread roll as they were too fearful of the veg!  Pictures will be posted to the school website over the weekend.
  • The Year 5’s have been busy doing some extra PE and orienteering outside – luckily the weather largely held out for them.
  • They have also been thinking about how birds beaks have adapted according to the food they eat and carried out an investigation into sandcastles.
  • We have been writing more diaries – the Year 5’s wrote about their best and worst days and the Year 6’s have been keeping their very own SATS diary – which has proved to be an insightful read as the week has progressed.
  • We have also been revising some science about circuits and electricity, building helicopters with moving propeller blades as well as some creative colour mixing using motors to spin paper.
  • That only leaves the following to say again:

Homework:  YEAR 5 ONLY: As I was not there, can you write up the science you completed with Mr Clarke on Friday about sandcastles.  You need to explain what you used (equipment), what you did (method) and what you found out (results and explanation)

Year 6 – after this week I think you deserve the weekend off.

Highlights of the week beginning 4th May  2015:

  • This (short) week we have read some more of the book Holes and carried out a couple of shorter tasks in response to it.  We have also been revisiting some key grammatical terms, as well as writing some diary extracts in pairs, giving us a chance to share ideas and collaborate.
  • The Year 5 children have finished their maps of the school this week, giving us a chance to discuss scale and map symbols.
  • Work on our interactive maps continues – some are beginning to look very professional and, as ever with computing, the children have been able to take it further than I had initially imagined.
  • The sketches that the children completed last week for homework look wonderful – we will be judging them over the weekend and displaying some around the classroom.
  • DATE FOR THE DIARY:  The Year 6 Leavers Assembly will be on the afternoon of Thursday16th July.

Homework:  none this week – see below!            

SATS WEEK is next week for the Year 6 children.

Please try and get some rest over the weekend – it is a tiring week and you need to be rested to perform your best.  Blueberries as a part of breakfast are also said to help! 

We are already proud of what you have achieved this year, and you should feel proud too – you have all worked incredibly hard.  Now you just need to do your best (as you always do) and you will all be absolutely fine.

It will be lovely to have them out of the way and we can all look forward to our trip to Jamie’s on Friday!

Highlights of the week beginning 27th April 2015:

  • In literacy this week we have continued reading Holes.  We have written two postcards from the main character to people at home – first his parents, and then a friend.  We had to think about exaggeration and exactly what we would tell each of the audiences, and how we might say it.  Surprisingly, stretching the truth a little seemed to come naturally!
  • We have, as ever, been looking at areas of grammar to tighten them up and hopefully this will continue to feed into the children’s writing.  This week our main focus has been on prefixes and plurals.
  • Linked into our work on Darwin, we have been researching the wildlife on the Galapagos Islands.  Our plan is to use hyperlinks to create an interactive map of the types of animal and plant life found on each of the islands that make up this area of the world.  It will be a longer term project, but once finished we will post them to the school website.
  • We were thinking about camouflage on Monday, and thought about how the colourings and markings on creatures help them to survive in their environment.  
  • We had a visit from the Ollie Day Roadshow on Wednesday, reminding us all of the importance of keeping safe on the roads with summer (hopefully) fast approaching.
  • Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!


1)    Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual.

2)    Individual maths groups have been advised of their homework for this week.

3)    Last week we were sketching animals.  Choose an animal or plant to sketch at home – there will be a prize for the best one!

Highlights of the week beginning 20th April 2015:

  • This week we have been reading a little more of the book Holes.  We have listened to a description of a ‘yellow spotted lizard’, then drawn it from the description given.  This led us on to choosing and describing an animal of our own, thinking carefully about the language that we could use to create the best images.
  • The Year 5 children have continued to work on their programming skills, using Scratch to draw shapes and create shape patterns by writing their own algorithms and thinking carefully about the properties of different shapes.
  • Thursday was St Georges Day – we looked at the true story of St George and this led us onto to finding out about the St George Cross, and what part it plays in the flag of the United Kingdom.
  • We had our class assembly on Friday, a chance to show off and explain what we have been doing in class recently to the rest of the school.
  • After finding out a little about Charles Darwin last week, we carried out some sketching this week – looking closely at the shape and structures of plants and animals around the school, just as he did many years ago.
  • On Thursday a number of children took part in a School Sports Partnership netball competition, competing against other schools in and around Norwich.  They came a very respectable fifth place, and brought home one special medal as well.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual.
  2. A maths activity is enclosed to follow up some of the work the children have been doing in their new groups this week.  Please can this be in school, completed, by next Thursday.
  3. Times Tables practice.
  4. Year 6 – please don’t forget to keep using Espresso to revise some punctuation and grammar.  This week focus on the punctuation section in particular.

Highlights of the week beginning 13th April 2015:

  • We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and that, for the Year 6 children, the homework did not prove to be too much of a burden.  If you didn’t get a chance to complete it over the Easter break then it is still not too late to tackle it!
  • This week we have started a new literacy block of work around the book Holes by Louis Sachar.  We have read the first few chapters and have written diaries from the main character, which we will be using to set the children's writing targets from for this half term.
  • In maths groups, Mrs Hart has been working with fractions, Mr Clark has been looking at Fibonacci, Mrs Norris has been working on using trial and error to solve problems and Mr Barber has been working on calculations and more revision of the topics taught so far this year.
  • We have used the book ‘If The World Were A Village’ to carry out some data handling.  In the book, the world’s population (of over 6 billion) is imagined as a village of just 100 people, where each person represents about 67 million people.  The aim is that in doing so, we will find out more about our world and the problems it faces (for example, in the village one person dies every year but two people are born, putting a strain on limited resources)
  • We have been playing Pointless SPAG – based on the TV programme, helping us to revise some of the key grammatical terms we need to know.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual.
  2. A maths activity is enclosed to follow up some of the work the children have been doing in their new groups this week.  Please can this be in school, completed, by next Thursday.
  3. Times Tables practice.


The children in Year 6 will be having their SATS tests in the week beginning Monday 11th May.  A timetable of which test is on which day is enclosed.

Please also try and continue to find time to use Espresso at home to help with the children’s grammar.

Highlights of the week beginning 23rd March 2015:

  • We have had a week largely of finishing off and making sure ‘the decks are cleared’ before the holidays arrive.
  • The children have continued to find out about the Magna Carta and have completed some writing to show off what they have learnt.
  • On Monday we had a visit from Pastor Venner (or Paddy as the children know him!) to tell us all about why Easter is important to him as a Christian.  We followed this up by researching Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday and why these are significant to Christians.
  • In maths the Year 6’s have continued with their SATS revision – this week some of them used their knowledge to solve a murder mystery.  The Year 5’s have completed some work that has allowed them to be set new targets for when they return.
  • The Year 5 children had their final football session this week.  The Year 6 children finished their competition with Magellan class – and emerged as rightful winners (not that we are competitive in any way!)
  • The PTFA organised a very successful cake sale – lots of us played our part by consuming lots of cake!
  • We used our art skills to draw some daffodils using sketching pencils and oil pastels.
  • That is it for another term.  We wish you all a very Happy Easter – enjoy the holidays and we will see you all in two weeks time.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are having a holiday – they will resume after Easter.
  2. Year 6’s have an envelope of SATS revision – there are instructions enclosed!  It has helped previous year groups lots in preparing them for SATS so please make sure that they do it – they all know what to do. 
  3. Year 5’s are being sent home with a reading log to complete – at least 20 minutes a day of reading would go a very long way indeed.


Highlights of the week beginning 16th March 2015:

  • On Tuesday we had a fun-filled day at Eaton Vale.  The children seemed to really enjoy themselves and it was nice to see them ‘let their hair down’ for a day away from classroom based learning!  Watching the children push themselves outside of their comfort zones – especially during crate stacking and trapeze – was great to witness.  Pictures of our day will appear on the website very soon.
  • On Wednesday the children started writing about one of the activities they took part in.  Experiencing something in this way has really helped the writing process so far.
  • On Thursday the Year 5 children were visited by some of our Year 6 children from last year, who were running the Thorpe High Science Bus event.  The children were led through a number of practical science tasks and found out about the processes behind them.  The Van Der Graaf generator was hair raising experience for some!
  • We looked at some examples of the short lived Fauvist art movement, and have started experimenting with this way of producing artwork.
  • Friday saw the solar eclipse – or rather, thanks to the clouds, it didn’t.  We did however watch it through a video link from an area with clearer skies and discovered the science behind it.



  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual. 
  2. Times Tables – the children know which one they need to practice this week.
  3. Maths from maths groups is enclosed.
  4. One more week to go with the Frobisher research – finished pieces to be in by the end of next week please.



Highlights of the week beginning 9th March 2015:

  • In literacy this week we have continued to look at the poems of Hilaire Belloc, introducing the new cautionary tale of ‘Jim’.  We have been thinking about who was to blame for the tragic events in each and putting together some oral arguments for our thoughts and opinions.
  • We have also been playing some spelling games, and looking at expanded noun phrases to help make our writing create better images in the readers’ minds.
  • In maths groups we have been looking at angles and graphs.
  • The Year 6’s have continued to have some SATS revision throughout the week, while the year 5 children have been busy working more on their maps of the school.
  • It was the Hindu festival of Holi this week, which welcomes the arrival of Spring (and the weather seems to have finally matched it too!)  We carried out some work into it – the children however very disappointed to hear we would not be throwing paint powder at one another.
  • On Wednesday half of the class went to sing at the Norfolk Music Festival at St Andrews Hall – they were by all accounts amazing and earned themselves a ‘commended plus’.  Well done!
  • For the children that did not go, we experimented with a ‘Chicken In a Cup’, looking at how fair testing involves only changing one variable at a time.
  • Friday was Red Nose Day – see the class pages of the website for some photographs of the children with their ‘silly faces’.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual.
  2. A maths activity is enclosed to follow up some of the work the children have been doing in their new groups this week.  Please can this be in school, completed, by next Thursday.
  3. Times Tables – the children know which one they need to practice this week.
  4. Keep finding out about Martin Frobisher – you have until Easter.


Highlights of the fortnight beginning 23rd February 2015:

  • A busy fortnight for the children!  In literacy we have written a narrative based around a World Wildlife Fund video called ‘It’s Not Our Home, It’s Our Planet’.  The children have learnt how to incorporate flashbacks into these stories, and it has given the chance to revise our verb tenses as well.
  • We have started this week to look at a Cautionary Tale poem by Hilaire Belloc called Matilda.  We have thought about the character of the Matilda and have tried improvising some conversations between other characters from the poem.
  • We have timetabled in some SATS revision time for the year 6 children for the next few weeks.  The Year 5 children during this time will be learning about and drawing maps around our school, revising some key maths skills and continuing their football with the Community Sports Foundation.
  • We have all been using atlases to improve our knowledge of the world.  We tried to draw a collaborative map of the world with some mixed successes! 
  • In science we have been thinking about the planet Earth and our solar system.  The children responded to some questions about night and day, the seasons, the moon and the planets which we have compiled into folders.
  • Some of us have continued with our transport through the ages work, and we have some completed timelines. 
  • Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our open classrooms this week – we know the children enjoy sharing their work with you all.  If you were not able to make it this time, please feel free to pop into the classroom after school to have a look at your child’s work.  I can’t promise to be there but the children know where everything is!


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual.
  2. A maths activity is enclosed to follow up some of the work the children have been doing in their new groups this week.  Please can this be in school, completed, by next Thursday.
  3. Times Tables – the children know which one they need to practice this week.
  4. Can the children find out about the explorer Martin Frobisher over the next couple of weeks and produce a factsheet or poster all about him.  Their completed work needs to be returned by Easter please.  If computers are an issue, the children need to let me know asap. 

Highlights of the week beginning 9th February 2015:

  • This week in literacy we have been writing a descriptive narrative based around a mysterious short film called ‘Roads End’.  The children have been happy to return to fiction writing – and it has shown in the quality of the work they have produced.  I have been amazed with the language and effort that the children have put into these stories – on the whole they have been amazing. 
  • We have spent a couple of afternoons working some more on our technology through the ages project.  We have run out of time to finish it all off this half term so will continue to work on it during the first week back.  Some of the children are producing reports and others are producing large scale posters on which to display their information.
  • We have been experiment with the art technique, pointillism.  This involves creating pictures through a series of dots, rather than solid lines and blocks of colour, which makes colours seem brighter and more vibrant.
  • There was a swimming gala this week, so once again well done to all of the children who took part in this; Ms Mathews said they did the school proud!


  1. Spelling, instant recall maths and times table practice sheets are being sent home as usual. 
  2. It is the holiday so we are not sending home any other homework.  Hopefully the children can relax over their week off and come back with batteries fully recharged for a busy 5 weeks to Easter.  If you want some work to do, 20-30 minutes reading each day is the most valuable thing you could do (as it is every other week!)  Also, keep learning those key maths facts which were sent home last week.


Highlights of the week beginning 2nd February 2015:

  • This week we have drafted and written our ‘hot’ persuasive task, a letter trying to convince that all children should learn some basic British Sign Language in school.  The children have shown they have learnt lots over the last couple of weeks, and have got much better at supporting their arguments with additional facts and figures.
  • We have also written a short story that contained some of our Heartstart training information.
  • In the Frobisher maths group, we have been looking at multiplication as well as trying out some number puzzles.  Mrs Norris’ group have been working with fractions, decimal and percentages and the Year 5 children have been working on meeting their personal targets, becoming increasingly confident with areas of maths they were insecure on previously.
  • We have spent some time looking at Pop Art, especially the work of Roy Lichtenstein, and have drawn some portraits using his ‘dotty’ technique of comic book pictures.
  • On Wednesday we started to look at all of the research the children have completed on the transportation theme – very impressive.  Now that the children have a clearer idea of where we are heading, they may well need to carry out some additional research over the weekend ready for Monday afternoon.
  • In music the children have been busy using instruments with Mrs Norris.
  • Well done to all of the children who took part in the tag rugby event this week – they came a very respectable third after being knocked out by the eventual winners.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual. 
  2. Times Tables – the children know which one they need to practice this week.
  3. Maths from maths groups is enclosed.
  4. Please continue with the transportation research if you now think you do not have everything you will need.

Highlights of the week beginning 26th January 2015:

  • In literacy this week we have carried out  a reading comprehension task as well as some grammar based tasks. 
  • We also used the programme ‘Room 101’ to write a persuasive speech about what each of us would like to put in and lose forever.  Siblings, sand, space exploration, buses, clowns and Burger King, amongst others, would appear to have met their match with this group of children!  When writing we paid particular attention in how to include one main point in each paragraph which is then elaborated on with facts and opinions to support it. 
  • In maths we have continued with our groups, covering topics between the classes that include multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100, calculation strategies, problem solving, percentages, fractions and decimals.
  • We devoted our afternoons this week to recovering the Heartstart program.  The children have learnt what they need to do in a number of different situations, and showed skill in dealing with both conscious and unconscious casualties, choking, serious bleeding, heart attacks and cardiac arrests.  Of course, we hope that they will never find themselves in a situation where they need to put these skills into use, but believe it important they know what to do if the worst happens.  The mnemonic DRS ABC covers the majority of the steps that the children (or indeed anyone!) would need to follow.  Perhaps your child can explain it to you.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual. 
  2. Times Tables – the children know which one they need to practice this week.
  3. Maths from maths groups is enclosed.
  4. Please continue with the transportation research from last week – we will need to start using it from Wednesday.

Highlights of the week beginning 19th January 2015:

  • In literacy this week we have been thinking about persuasive letters.  We have looked at an example and then drawn out the key features of this style of writing.  We then had a ‘cut-up’ letter that we had to put back together again.  It was a tricky task but we learnt that when writing these letters we need to keep each paragraph about just one point, which is then supported by further details.  We have also worked in groups to re-write the letter from our cold task, and improvement is already being seen.
  • In maths we have been busy in each of our groups – I am sure your child can tell you what they have been up to over the last week!
  • On Monday all 3 classes got together to launch our latest topic, which concerns how technology has changed over the course of history, and what this has meant for all of us.  We started by looking at maps, and how over time the ability to draw them accurately has evolved.  Next, we will be looking at transport – see this week’s homework for a task we need the children to do before we really get going.
  • We are also about to begin some further Heartstart training, and spent an afternoon finding out more about the role of the heart in our bodies and how it works.  We put together some paper diagrams of the inside of the heart; I wonder if your child can explain it to you now?
  • On Wednesday we had a visit from a Deaf person and a sign language interpreter.  The children had the opportunity to ask questions to find out a little about life for Deaf people, and the small adjustments they make in order to live full lives in our hearing-dominated world.  We will be using the information we gained from this visit to enrich our writing next week.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual. 
  2. Times Tables – the children know which one they need to practice this week.
  3. Maths from maths groups is enclosed.
  4. There is some research to be carried out this week based around a history of transport theme.  We will not need the research next week so the children have 2 weekends and all of next week to get started with it.



Highlights of the week beginning 12th January 2015:

  • As from Tuesday, the three Year 5/6 classes have been split into 4 separate maths classes.  There are two main reasons for us deciding to do this.  Firstly, it allows us to focus on the needs of the Year 6 children in getting them prepared for their SATS and in making sure they have covered everything from the old curriculum (which they are still required to be taught).  Secondly, it allows us to focus on the new curriculum with the Year 5 children, and gives them the opportunity to not hear too much about SATS until next year!
  • In our maths groups this week we have been looking closely at place value.
  • Lots of writing has taken place this week!  We have finished writing up our non-chronological reports about Concorde and written some adverts to try and sell seats on the plane.
  • We looked at the features of explanations and then wrote one to explain how the ear works.
  • We have also been trying to think of descriptive words to help us write a descriptive paragraph in response to a given picture.
  • We wrote a persuasive letter (without any input about their features at all) to explain why the school should try and get a defibrillator.  This was our ‘cold task’ that will direct the teaching of persuasive letters over the next couple of weeks.
  • Thank you all for your suggestions of names for the new classrooms – between you all you managed to come up with a long list of female explorers and I learnt lots from reading them all.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual.
  2. A maths activity is enclosed to follow up some of the work the children have been doing in their new groups this week.  It does involve some cutting and sticking – if you do not have the tools to do this at home then it can be completed in school on Tuesday lunchtime.
  3. Times Tables – the children know which one they need to practice this week. 


Highlights of the week beginning 5th January 2015:

  • Welcome back and a Happy New Year to everyone.  We hope you all had an enjoyable festive season, but now it is back to work!
  • This week we have been busy calculating, with a particular focus on division methods and test style questions.  As you may have heard, we will be splitting the 3 Year 5 and 6 classes into 4 separate classes next week for maths.  This will allow us to focus on the needs of the Year 6 children, with an eye on their forthcoming SATS, allowing the Year 5 children to focus on the new curriculum that they need to be following.
  • The 21st January marks 39 years since the first commercial flight of Concorde.  This week we have been researching this amazing feat of engineering, finding facts and information that we can use to write some non-chronological reports.
  • After finding out that the plane could fly at twice the speed of sound, we found out exactly how sound travels.  We then found out how the ear works, and next week will be writing some explanations.
  • We have also been constructing and testing paper rockets.  This gave us a chance to practice our measuring skills, convert between units of measurement, calculate averages, recap on rounding and draw graphs to display the results of our flights.
  • In music the children have been singing and using percussion instruments.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual.
  2. An activity which is based around our new classrooms is attached.
  3. Times Tables.  We are introducing a new weekly (or more) times table test into the classroom routine, as this week’s work on division has shown times table recall is holding many of the children back.  This week, the children are bringing a sheet home – they choose the times table they want / need to practice first (make sure it is challenging for your child!).  From Monday, they will have a number of activities around their chosen times table to complete in as short a time as possible.  They need full marks to be able to change their times table next week.






































Week beginning 17th December 2014;

There is no blog this week - we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.  See you in January!


Highlights of the week beginning 8th December 2014:

  • We have been typing up our newspaper stories using Microsoft Publisher to give them a professional feel.  Finished stories are all in our class pages of the school website – please take a look at them!
  • In maths we have carried out some work on measures – especially converting between different units of measurement.  We have made good progress in this area but a little extra practice over the next few weeks would not do any harm.  I have set up a folder in interactive resources to help with this (username and password below).  We have also been investigating shape a little more using threaded straws.
  • We have been rounding off this terms work on Vikings by creating some Viking God Top Trump cards and writing diaries of a raid.
  • We all had the opportunity to watch the Drama Club’s performance of the Odyssey.  A huge congratulations to all of the children who took part in this – you all did brilliantly well and we really enjoyed watching you perform.
  • On Wednesday we had a visit from Pastor Veneer to talk to us about the story of Christmas.
  • We have been revising the seven life processes, and found out that the mnemonic MRS NERG can help us to remember what they are.  Some of the scientific terms within it will be revisited over the coming weeks and months to ensure that they stick.


  1. Spelling and instant recall maths are being sent home as usual.
  2. We are busy learning a poem for our performance on Wednesday – please spend some time learning your 2 verses off by heart.  Remember, you will be letting your group down if you don’t.
  3. Interactive resources:  Select pupil log on.  The username and password are on the paper version of this!

Highlights of the week beginning 1st December 2014:

  • With Christmas fast approaching what better way to spend the week than by doing tests!
  • We have been busy carrying out maths and reading assessments this week which will allow us to target our teaching for the next few weeks and the new year. 
  • We have finished drafting our newpaper reports based around the book ‘Tuesday’ – which are far better than the reports we wrote a few weeks ago which is brilliant.  Now we will be editing them and writing them up and using the computers to turn them into (hopefully realistic) front pages.  Once they are complete I will post them onto the school website for you all to look at.
  • Having heard so much about British values in the press, we have been thinking about what it means to be British.  We took the values outlined by David Cameron in a recent speech, and then each child arranged them in a Diamond Nine formation – this has the most important value at the top and the others arranged in a diamond shape down to the least important.  As a class, most people believed that our system of free health care and education belonged at the top.
  • Our perseverance skills were put to the test by making some Viking longships from paper.
  • Finally, we have been looking at different religious symbols and the meaning attached to them, as well as making a Dreidel, which is used in a popular game during the Jewish festival of Hannukah.


  1. A maths activity involving calendars is enclosed – something the assessments this week have shown need some more practice.
  2. Spellings and an instant recall test are enclosed as normal.

Highlights of the week beginning 24th November 2014:

  • We looked at the amazing projects that the children have completed this week.  It was fantastic to see such a wide range of topics and the many different ways that they were approached.  In almost all cases it was clear to see just how much time and effort went into them, and it really is appreciated.  The children should feel proud of what they achieved, and I am looking forward to spending some time over the next week or so really looking at them closely.  Their feedback will follow soon…
  • In literacy we looked at opening paragraphs in newspapers, and how they cover the main aspects of the story without giving away any details; we then moved on to writing our own for a given headline.  We have planned our newspaper stories and have started to write our draft versions, which we will continue to work on next week.
  • In maths we have been problem solving, trying to improve our skills in working in a systematic way further.  We have also looked at translating and rotating shapes, and have been challenging ourselves to answer some very tricky word problems.
  • In science, we have been looking at classification.  The children were given pictures of different animals, and then had to establish what groups they belonged to (eg birds, mammals etc). 
  • We have also been refining our new found skills in computing by using the program Flowol.  Once again, the speed at which the children pick up new things and begin to apply and adapt them is startling.  We may have some of the programmers of the future amongst us!
  • On the website are some new photo galleries of the fun day and of the children with their projects.


  1. Spellings and instant recall as normal.
  2. A Spanish activity is attached.  If you cannot access the internet at home then please tell us – you can complete it for early morning work or at target time but only if we know before Friday morning!


Highlights of the week beginning 17th November 2014:

  • Our Viking Day was a great success.  Thank you all so much for the effort that you made with the children’s costumes – they looked amazing, learnt lots and will hopefully remember the days for some time to come.  Pictures are on the website!
  • Our Viking visitor managed to provide a lot of facts and information in a short space of time – I won’t forget the sight of axes and spears being waved above the children’s heads (!) before being shown a novel way of slicing a watermelon.  It helped bring history alive, and would not have been possible without a considerable donation from our generous PTFA.
  • The Viking feast seemed to be, on the whole, a success.  While the soup was perhaps an acquired taste for some, the bread, cheese, salami and stewed fruit crumble seemed to go down well.
  • In maths this week we have been thinking about shapes and angles.  We have worked out the dimensions of a cuboid that would hold a given volume, and then carefully measured and drew the net itself.  It was surprising just how many square centimetres fit in what looks like a small space.
  • We have also been drawing quadrilaterals and using protractors to measure the internal angles.  We discovered that no matter what quadrilateral we drew, the angles always added up to 360 degrees.
  • In literacy we have been thinking about eyewitness accounts, hot seating and then writing interviews from which we will take small quotes to add to our newspaper stories.
  • On Friday we had our fun day to raise money for one our chosen charities, Help For Heroes.  By the time you read this the assault course will have been completed – let’s hope everyone completed it and the rain held off!  We also carried out some work based around our own personal heroes, and thought about the things that we would fight to protect.


  1. The reading task handed out last week will need to be returned completed by next Wednesday.
  2. Instant recall test as usual.



Highlights of the week beginning 10th November 2014:

  • In literacy we have continued to think about journalistic writing and newspapers.  We have read some articles and have identified the main features of this style of writing, which will help when we come to write our own again.  We have also been looking at direct and indirect (reported) speech, converting between the two so that we can add some variety to our eyewitness quotes.
  • In maths we have been working with area and perimeter, carrying out some problem solving activities to really get us thinking and put our resilience to the test.
  • We made some soda bread on Wednesday ready for our Viking feast next week.  I am not entirely sure that our table tops will ever be the same again!
  • On Tuesday we spent some time reflecting on Remembrance Day.  We watched a nationwide classroom assembly from the Tower of London and researched why people remember and the significance of this date.
  • We have also been using algorithms again in computing.  Using a new program called Flowol, we have been controlling zebra crossings, lighthouses and traffic lights.  Some of the children have been amazing at this, picking up the language and steps needed far quicker than I was able to and making me feel very old in the process.
  • I hope you found the open classrooms useful this week – it was great to see so many of you sharing with the children the work they have completed so far this year.
  • Don’t forget the Viking Days next week – costume ideas are on the website for those brave enough. (Pinterest is also a good place to look).


  1. Spelling and instant recall tests are enclosed as usual.
  2. Projects need to be handed in by next FRIDAY.  I am looking forward to seeing what the children have come up with.
  3. A reading task is enclosed. 



Highlights of the week beginning 3rd November 2014:

  • Welcome back – we hope you all had a lovely half term.
  • This week we have been busy looking at shape in maths.  We have carried out a number of challenges that have covered co-ordinates, tessellations, sorting diagrams, properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, visualising 3-d shapes from part completed nets and programming Scratch to create a pattern, thinking about direction and angles.
  • In literacy we have written a newspaper paper story based on the recent exploits of Nik Walender, who tight roped between buildings in Chicago whilst wearing a blindfold, all with no harness or safety net!  The children have remembered lots from their previous learning, which we will now take forward over the next couple of weeks so that they become expert journalists!
  • We have learnt all about the Gunpowder Plot, and carried out some writing based on it.  The children were especially fascinated by what happened to Guy Fawkes after he was caught…
  • With Remembrance Day this Sunday, we looked at some photographs taken during World War 1 of soldiers silhouetted against the sky.  We then made our own versions using charcoal and black paper, which we will use alongside some poems we will write early next week.
  • We visited the cinema on Friday which was a welcome reward after a long and busy first week back.    


  1. Spellings and mental maths are enclosed as normal. 
  2. Some co-ordinates based work is enclosed for the children to try which will consolidate the work we have done in class this week.
  3. A literacy task about verb tenses is also in the book.


Highlights of the week beginning 13th October 2014:

  • In maths we have been practicing calculations and working with fractions.  We have played some of the games on interactive resources and used Skittles to consider how we convert fractions into their equivalent decimals and percentages.  Naturally we were all keen to get this task finished and move on to the ‘tidying up’ – yum.
  • In literacy we are writing our hot task to see how much learning has stuck from this half term.
  • We have been preparing vegetables for some Viking soup – we will be eating it on a Viking themed day after half term.  As a warning, we will all be dressing up as Vikings for the day…
  • We have been listening to, following and writing algorithms.  We have discovered these are the instructions that tell computers what to do.  Listening carefully, we had to follow instructions to create a paper cup – if we did not follow them accurately then we would have got wet!  Using bee bots and the online resource Scratch, we have seen the importance of testing and debugging our work as we progress.  We will carry on with this after half term.
  • It was lovely to see so many of you at parent consultations this week.  If you were unable to make this week, we will be in contact after half term to arrange an appointment.
  • We are looking for donations of fruit for a crumble for Monday if at all possible.  The children love cooking and it would be a shame for them to miss out!
  • INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE ON MONDAY.  OUR TRIP IS ON WEDNESDAY.  Please see the letters section of our class page on the internet if you need to confirm clothing, as the children cannot come if they are unsuitably dressed or do not have shoes plus wellingtons.



  • It is half term from next Wednesday.  Keep working on your projects please and don’t leave it to the last minute!
  • I will be putting up some more useful website links on the school website – especially for maths.  If you have time please use them – 10 minutes per day would keep things ticking over.  Please keep reading lots as well.




Highlights of the week beginning 6th October 2014:


  • In maths this week we have been rounding.  We have solved a puzzle made of triangles that really tested our knowledge of rounding, either to the nearest 10/100/1000 or to the nearest tenth, hundredth and thousandth.
  • We have also been solving some problems based around square numbers, which proved to be very tricky!
  • In literacy we have been thinking carefully about our sentence structures and how to add interest through detail.  We have worked in pairs to create a narrative, then have tried to edit other peoples work in order to improve it.  Some of the children found editing others work much easier than their own!
  • Linked into the seeds we are growing in mini-greenhouses, we have been thinking about the parts of plants and flowers, and the ‘job’ that each part does that contributes to the plants survival and ability to reproduce.
  • With a modroc delivery finally arriving we have been able to crack on some more with our masks.  A number are finished, and pictures are on the school website.  Others will follow as they are finished!
  • It was Harvest Festival time on Friday – thank you to everyone who donated something.  It will all be taken away and used by the Salvation Army to help others in our community.




  1. Spellings and mental maths as normal.  Your child’s current spellings are enclosed on a new sheet which will hopefully help!
  2. This week, can you record what you are going to do your project on and what you have done towards it so far (see separate slip).  By the end of this week (week 2) you should really have spent at least 2 hours on it…
  3. There is no maths homework this week.  Instead, can I remind you about the website  This is a great resource you can use at any time.  The pupils user names and passwords are on the paper copy of the Learning Blog.




Highlights of the week beginning 29th September 2014:


  • In maths this week we have been practicing our mental maths skills and looking for gaps in the children’s knowledge to direct our next teaching steps.  We have also been working on word problems and investigations involving multiples and factors, looking for examples of children working systematically.
  • In literacy we have been thinking about interesting sentence openers and structures.  We have also been creating an oral story based around the book Tuesday.
  • We have used computers to research Viking longships and longhouses, creating pages from illustrated encyclopaedias to share our research.
  • We have been re-familiarising ourselves with the techniques involved in using powder paints, which we hope to put to more use next week.
  • In Guided Reading, most of us have been thinking about how we answer questions using full sentences, and how quoting directly from the text can be a useful technique.
  • Finally, we looked at some of the Empire Windrush passengers first hand accounts of their arrival in Britain and the kind of welcome they received.  We will follow this up with some further exploration next week.



  1. Spellings and mental maths as normal.  Your child’s current spellings are enclosed on a new sheet which will hopefully help!
  2. A timeline activity is enclosed.
  3. Details of the first project of the year are enclosed – I wonder where you will all end up taking it.




Highlights of the week beginning 22nd  September 2014:

  • This week in maths we have been carrying out some activities around number and place value.  The children have played a couple of dice games – perhaps they could explain them to you at home and you could play them.
  • Our masks continue to be worked on – they should be finished soon and pictures will be on the website as soon as they are.
  • In science, we have used old cd cases to plant some seeds.  Over the coming weeks we will be able to watch closely what happens to the stems and the roots as the plants grow.
  • We have been writing instructions about our masks – it was lovely to see just how much the Year 6 children had remembered about our instruction writing from last year.
  • We have been thinking about pilgrimages, and what they might mean to us.  We also worked in groups in all the Year 5/6 classes to look at some religious artefacts, working out what we know, think and wonder about them.
  • We carried out a grammar assessment which will help guide our learning over the course of the year. 
  • Finally, we have been thinking about immigration and what it is that puts the Great into Britain!




A maths activity is being sent home to consolidate some of this week’s work.

Mental maths and spellings are enclosed.  We will send home your child’s current spelling list home at the end of next week in case you have lost track!



Highlights of the week beginning 10th  September 2013:

  • This week in maths we have been revising the 4 operations of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). 
  • In literacy, we have used a poem called ‘The Owl’ as a basis for our own dragonfly poems.  The children have impressed me with their descriptive vocabulary and ability to use the techniques of alliteration, simile and metaphor.
  • We have also carried out a writing assessment based on a book and film called ‘Tuesday’.  I will be using this to set the children some writing targets to work on this half term – ask your child next week if they can remember what they are. 
  • We have been busy working some more on our masks – watch out for pictures on the class page of the school website very soon.
  • In PE we have been thinking about the role of our heart and circulatory system.  Of course, we have also been outside for some games.
  • On Tuesday all of the Year 5 and 6 children were brought together to look at some Viking pictures, generating questions that will lead the initial stages of our enquiry into their life and times.


Mental Maths Homework:

Is back!  Please practice them over the coming week – the best mathematicians are the ones who can recall facts quickly.



A maths activity is being sent home.

For literacy, we would like you to think about the types of project you want to do this year.  Please record a topic you would like to research for homework and why you think we should use your idea.






Highlights of the fortnight beginning 3rd  September 2013:

  • Welcome back everyone!  We have had a busy fortnight getting to know each other and carrying out activities to settle us back in after the long Summer break.
  • We have been practicing our handwriting – which is all looking lovely.  Now the children need to apply what they can do in these lessons to their everyday work.
  • We have been problem solving in maths as well as revising some key areas from last year, such as multiplying and dividing by 10/100/1000 and written calculations.
  • We have, as I am sure you have heard, been making modroc masks.  So far we have created the base and thought about the design that will take us forward.  More work will be carried out next week – look out for photos on the website towards the end of next week.
  • We have been thinking about our class community and how we can help it be a happy and productive place – there is a lot of work to cover over the coming months!
  • Thank you to the parents who came to the ‘Meet the Teacher’ session this week – I hope you found it useful.  Enclosed is a letter which covers the main details of what was discussed.  If anything is unclear then please just ask.

Mental Maths Homework:

Is back!  Please practice them over the coming week – the best mathematicians are the ones who can recall facts quickly.


Spelling Homework:

Is also back!  The children will receive either 10 or 20 spellings each week to learn.  If they get all of them correct, they will be able to choose up to 5 words to change for the following week.  Some spellings from last year may be repeated to see if they have ‘stuck’.

Other Homework:

We are sending home some key maths facts that children in Years 5 and 6 should know (it will be familiar to the Year 6 children already!)  Like times tables, there are few shortcuts to knowing these facts – practice little but often and revision is the only way.  The children will need these facts to become successful mathematicians.