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Highlights of the week:

We have continued with our work about Cautionary Tales by text mapping and learning a text about Burping Billy! We have ‘boxed it up’ so that we know what each paragraph is about and have also created a ‘Writers’ Toolkit’ so that we know how to write our own Cautionary Tales next week. This includes things such as: use adjectives to describe your character and their behaviour; put a question in to ‘hook the reader in’; start sentences in different ways (e.g. with an adverb or a time connective).

In maths this week we have been learning about Tangrams. We made different pictures using the  seven puzzle pieces. It was quite tricky but some of us managed to complete all of the tangram pictures!

In the afternoons we have started our Heartstart training in which we have learnt some basic First Aid.  So far we have learnt about treating a conscious casualty. We put our learning into practice by acting out real life scenarios.






Talk about:


















Rounded Rectangular Callout: Can you think of some ideas for your own Cautionary Tale?
Here are some pointers to get you started:
• Which adjectives could you use to describe your character or his/her behaviour?
• Can you think of a question you could use to ‘hook the reader in’? Something like, I ask you, have you ever heard of such a rude and ill-mannered child?
• Which adverbs or time connectives could you use to start your sentences with? Something like, Unfortunately, Noisily, Disappointingly
or Later that day, That very evening, When he awoke 
Try hard to think of your own ideas, rather than just using something from this list.


Talk about:













Other ideas

1. You could practise the first aid you have learnt so far this week. There is a video here which tells you how to do the recovery position.  We'll be learning more about this next week!

2. On Sunday, there is an Archaeology Day at Gressenhall with lots of opportunity for object handling, which sounds interesting. More details here