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This is where you will find more information about all the learning activities that have been going on in Shackleton class.

Summer Term 18

We started the new term by reading the book 'Gordon's Great Escape' by one of our favourite authors, Sue Hendra. The story is about a balloon called Gordon who has lots of exciting adventures. We were inspired to write and illustrate our own stories about Gordon.

We enjoyed making 'Pitta Pizzas' with a range of healthy toppings.

We were very proud to present some of our recent learning in our class assembly.

We have also talked about how we can deal with worries and anxieties by reading and discussing 'The Huge Bag of Worries'by Virginia Ironside. We thought about how we could share our worries with at least 5 people.

Our next topic was based around the book 'Bog Baby'. We went on a Bog baby hunt,created our own Bog baby habitats,weighed and measured our own Bog babies and wrote instructions for how to care for such a creature. At the end of half term the Bog Babies escaped! We made predictions about where they might have gone and made blueberry muffins to lure them back to our class!

After half term we planted our own herbs. We explored the difference between dried and fresh herbs and used seeds and beans to develop our counting,estimating and division skills.

We collaborated together to help paint some colourful fence posts around our wildlife area. We also did a spot of pond dipping and found some newts!

We really enjoyed reading the wordless picture book 'Flotsam' by David Weisner. We spent time coming up with predictions and making inferences about the text and pictures. We were also inspired to create our own own magical sea creatures.

We read the book 'Herman's Holiday by Tom Percival. This inspired us to collaborate together to make a small world 'holiday camp'. We thought about the facilities that would be needed and created persuasive posters to encourage people to visit.

We've also enjoyed more music activities. This half term we've played the bongo drums and Miss Palmer bought in her guitar to play us some of our favourite songs!

As the term draws to a close we have created our own transition books to take to our new classes and celebrated our success with a special Shackleton breakfast.



Our theme for the first part of the term has been 'Feelings and Emotions'. We have read the book 'The Way I Feel' by Janan Cain. We have talked about different emotions and have used mirrors to show our facial expressions when we show these emotions.

We've also been linking colours to different emotions and trying a new way of sharing our feelings called the 'Zones of Regulation'.

We have enjoyed some hands on activities such as making Snow Dough and finger painting.

We have tried out some new calm down activities and particuarly enjoyed 'Story Book Massage' and 'Enchanted Meditation'.

We continued our work on understanding emotions by reading the very funny book 'Grumpy Frog' by Ed Vere. We talked about how frog could solve some of the issues that made him grumpy and made our own 'Calm Down Bottles'.

We used Numicon to develop our number skills and enjoyed using the pieces to make repeating and tesselating patterns.

We tucked into pancakes with lemon and sugar as an end of half term treat!


We had lots of fun in the snow and collaborated together to make our own Shackleton snowman!

We've also enjoyed reading the book 'Fergal is Fuming' by Robert Starling. The book tells the tale of a little dragon  called Fergal who gets very angry when he can't have his own way. We discussed the different strategies Fergal could use to help him feel calm and even made our own fire breathing dragons!



We started the term by  reading the book 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra. We made our own 'Supertato's and carried out a rescue mission to save the veggies! Our maths/literacy work was been based on the story. We measured and counted real vegetables and wrote our own Supertato stories. We were very excited to share our work during a  KS1 assembly!

We  enjoyed some Autumn themed sensory play with pumpkins and potion making. We  used conkers and leaves to do some 'hands on' maths. We  also created some autumn art.

We enjoyed working together to weigh and measure ingredients to make waffles which we shared during Snack Time.

Our theme in the second part of half term was 'Helping Hands'. We enjoyed using our hands to take part in sensory,music,writing,maths and art activities. We also worked together to make a simple Christmas cake.

In the run up to Christmas we had a visit from 'Frosty' the kind snowman. He had been sent from the North Pole to work with us and find out about all the kind and helpful things we do in Shackleton class. We  enjoyed Frosty being part of our Christmas activities which  included constructing and decorating a Christmas grotto,responding to the short film 'Lily and the Snowman' and doing some snowman/winter themed maths activities.