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Primary School

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Activities to try at home

Have a go at some of these activities at home.  Click on one of the websites listed on the left side of the page.


DON'T be tempted to go too difficult too quickly - they will be put off and won't want to do it at all!

Little and often is more valuable than long stretches once or twice a week.

If possible, sit with your child to support them so you can spot what areas they find easy/tricky.


Even though the content is quite young, these are fabulous programmes and games to practise early reading and writing skills, particularly for Y1s. It wouldn't hurt the Y2s to have a go either!

Interactive Resources:

To log in you need to click on Pupil Log In. Log-in details will be sent home with your child.

These activities can be adapted to suit your child's ability.  Start at a level which is probably too easy for your child to give them confidence then increase the difficulty according to how they are getting on. 

Mr. Thorne Does Phonics:

If you haven't done so already, do download the apps as they are great for independent play and revision of sounds.  The children love Mr. Thorne!

Bedtime Math:

Sign up for daily maths problems that you can do together.  Start with the 'Wee Ones' problem then progress to 'Little Kids.'  You can adapt the numbers to suit your child's ability.

Read It Yourself:

A Ladybird website with lots and lots of fairy tale activities: stories, games, quizzes.