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Ever Thought About Being a School Governor?

Dussindale Primary School needs enthusiastic and committed people to support the school in making important decisions.

Ever thought about being a school governor?

Dussindale Primary School needs enthusiastic and committed people to support the
school in making important decisions.

What do governing bodies do?

Together with the staff and Headteacher, they:

  • decide the aims and objectives for the School;
  • review pupils' achievement and set targets for improvement;
  • approve the school budget;
  • develop staffing plans and support recruitment;
  • ensure statutory requirements are met, with regard to inclusion, thecurriculum etc;
  • approve school policies;
  • act as a link between the school and the community it serves;
  • keep parents informed;
  • consider complaints from parents;
  • ensure the School is well maintained;
  • ensure health & safety requirements are met.

Pupils’ achievements, staff morale and the School's reputation will be affected by the role the Governing Body plays.  That's why we need our Governing Body to be supportive and be able to respond to issues quickly.   Governors need to be proactive with influencing and making difficult decisions, asking complex questions and being responsible for their actions.

Who can become a governor?

Every school has a governing body.   Governors are volunteers, usually appointed for four years.   They work together and all decisions are shared - that means they don't have to worry about individual liability.

The governing body includes:

  • parents - elected by other parents at the school;
  • school staff - elected by their colleagues;
  • the headteacher;
  • people drawn from the wider community who have an interest in education and a useful contribution to make.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who want to make a contribution to our school, use their skills, enjoy working as part of a team, are enthusiastic and committed to Dussindale Primary School.   Applications are inclusive of everyone and it is not necessary to have a professional experience in education.

How much time is required?

Dussindale Primary School Governors hold three meetings a year (known as Full Governing Body meetings) and each Governor serves on at least one committee, who meet at least 3 times a year.   This equates to about one meeting per month.  Also daytime school visits are required a couple of times during the year, and background reading will be needed prior to meetings.

What support is available?

The role of governor can be challenging at times and there are training and support facilities available.   Norfolk Governor Services offer a wide range of relevant training courses at a variety of times, days and venues. The government expects all governors to ensure that they have an appropriate level of training for their role.
The Governing Body will meet all reasonable claims for expenses incurred by Governors in the performance of their duties.


If you are interested in becoming a Governor, or would just like to learn more, we would be delighted to hear from you.  

Please contact us via the School Office.