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Tag Rugby Tournament

Some of the Year 5 and 6 children recently took part in a tag rugby competition.  Read on to find out the views of our reported Meagan from Year 6.

Tag rugby tournament.

Reported by Meagan (Year 6)

On Thursday the fifth of February ,11 students attended a tag rugby tournament at the U.E.A. The tournament was set up by the S.S.P ( School Sports Partnership) which meant that we would be playing schools in our cluster and some just on the outside of it.

Before the games began everyone felt a bit nervous due to the fact that no-one knew what the other teams were like. Although after the first match everyone felt filled with excitement as they knew that we could win if we stuck together as a team.  Which we did.

Winning every match against every team we played we were in the top two of our group. The next match was a big one because Freethorpe, our opponents, had also won all their matches so far. Luckily after a very good game we had beaten them! That meant that we were almost definitely through. Even though the match against Freethorpe was a big one, the last match we played before we found out whether we were in the finals was also very important because we lost.

Everyone walked off the pitch feeling defeated and deflated and we all needed our best team skills to keep the team together; it was challenging because the other team had won 4-3 and it had almost been a draw.  But it hadn’t and we had to admit and face that.  As our P.E teacher Miss Mathews reminded us: at least we have won all our other matches and we still have a chance at being in the semi finals. With this thought embodied in our brains we got up and started practising for the game in the semis that we might have been playing.

After ten minutes of practise we were called over by one of our teachers who gave us the exciting news that we were playing in the semis!  Everyone was ecstatic but we had to channel that into our play as next we would be playing Falcon Juniors 3. It was a close game but in the end we were beaten 4-3 to them.  We had got one step closer than last year when we missed out on the semis by one trie but this was even worse, having lost going into the finals by the same thing that restricted us from the semis last year.

We stayed behind and watched the final match with Falcon junior school 3 verses Blofield Primary school 3.  It was a good match played by Falcons but Blofield kept up there pace as well.   the final syren sounded it was a draw so the game went into extra time.  In the end Falcons managed to pull a better game than Blofield so the game ended with Falcons coming out on top.

At the end of the tournament ,when all games were played, there was a presentation.  Everyone in Blofield got a medal and so did Falcons but the medal giving was not over yet.  After we had got back from the tournament everyone had lunch and talked about the game and how we couldn’t wait to tell our friends and classmates all about our amazing achievements.