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Music Week



 In October we had a really fantastic music week. The theme for our music week was Music is the art of thinking with sounds.

Each year group had a visiting musician to work with and we were all entertained by all sorts of performers from a very cool guitar playing big brother to a parent/staff steel band and a clarinettist, saxophonist and pianist.

Reception and KS1 had a lovely time playing the steel pans. They learnt where the pans come from and how they are made. The children also learnt about how each drum has a different job in the band; some make lower sounds and play the accompaniment and some make higher sounds and play the tune. They learnt that some notes sound good when they are played together and that these are called chords.

steel pans


Reception children worked with Mary White. They listened to her playing some theme tunes on her clarinet and learnt that music is an international language that can be written down and will be played anywhere. They learnt how music is made up of different elements and they played some games to learn about pitch, rhythm and tempo. She brought a very cool drum for the children to play and her friend Marvin the monkey.

Sue Nicholls


Year 1 and 2 worked with Sue Nicholls who told them a story about Davin the dragon. They composed some music for the different sounds that they heard in the story, such as flapping wings, the dragon stomping, a thunder storm and fireworks. Then they performed their piece in assembly.

The children (and staff) had a BRILLIANT time with Grassroots Theatre Company from Zimbabwe. They performed some amazing music and dance in assembly. They even persuaded the teachers to dance!

grass roots


KS2 children also had a visit from Community Music East. They composed some music on a Space theme using all sorts of exciting electronic equipment and performed their pieces for the younger children in assembly.