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Our 'Quacking' Guests

Our Reception classes have been having a 'quacking' time over the last couple of weeks!

Following the successful 'chick hatching' last year, Reception children were excited to take delivery of 5 duckling eggs recently.  Four of the five eggs hatched - unfortunately when the children were at home - over a period of three days. There was a little anxiety over one of the ducklings as he developed 'splayed legs' - this meant he could not stand or walk.  After a worried phone call to the 'duckling lady' and some TLC, (which involved tying the little duckling's legs together with wool) a happy outcome can be reported!  All four ducklings thrived in our care and by the time they were collected on Friday 24th January, they were definately ready to move to a new home in a large barn!  All the children (and staff) LOVED having the ducklings and their cheery cheeping is missed now that they have left us!