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Success at Norfolk County Music Festival

In March children from both Key Stages 1 and 2 took part in the Norfolk County Music Festival, and gave fantastic performances! Read on for more information ...

On Thursday 7th March we took all of Key Stage 1 and 60 volunteers from Key Stage 2 to sing in the Norfolk County Music Festival at St. Andrew’s Hall in Norwich. Both choirs sang absolutely beautifully and were a real credit to the school.

Key Stage 1 sang two contrasting songs, Bright Blue Sky and Animal Song. The adjudicator, Sue Nicholls, said that the children “had a lovely singing tone in the lower and upper registers.” She also commented about their charming actions and beautiful phrase endings. They received a Highly Commended Plus certificate, which we were thrilled with, especially as this is the first time that we have entered Key Stage 1 children into this festival.

Key Stage 2 had to sing in two parts (we actually sang in three parts for one of the songs!) and also had to sing two contrasting songs. They sang Kum Ba Yah and Candy Man. This particular class was of a very high standard, which Sue Nicholls said impressed her greatly. She said that our children had “lovely piano (quiet) singing which was very well controlled” and that there was “a terrific ending to Kum Ba Yah.” She said that Candy Man was a “really vivacious performance”. Again, we were awarded a Highly Commended Plus certificate. A special mention should be given to Amy, Courtney, Louise and Rhianna who sang beautifully in a small group. Very brave!

So many parents have commented about how much they and their children enjoyed the experience. Well done to all!

Following this, On Tuesday 12th March Drake Class took part in the Choral Speaking Class at the Music Festival, where they recited a Norfolk Myth from memory. This was the first time that children from our school has entered the Choral Speaking Class, and it was a super experience for all invovled. The children performed their myth perfectly, speaking as one voice. This is a very difficult skill to achieve when 28 different voices are involved! Drake were awarded an 'outstanding' grade for their performance, which they were so very pleased with. Well done Drake class!!