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Inspirational maths day, 30.10.19

Inspirational maths day, 30.10.19

On Wednesday 30th October, the whole school held an Inspirational Maths Day.

Children spent the entire day exploring different, inspiring topics in Mathematics, and got the chance to look at more unusual and creative areas of Maths.

Here’s what each year group was up to:

Year R (Caribbean and Sargasso): Reception explored number using Numicon blocks, painting with them to create the number 1-10. They also used conkers to compare different amounts, and see which amounts, and therefore numbers, were bigger.

Year 1 (Caspian and Mediterranean): As it was almost Halloween, children were estimating how many seeds a pumpkin held, and then scooping them out to see how close they were. They also looked at the number 1,000,000, and tried to create a million stars on large art paper. They then reflected on how big 1,000,000 really is. Finally, they used hundred grids to play ‘Race to 100’.


Year 2 (Coral and Java): The children looked at place value through building Place Value Caterpillars, showing a number in different ways on the different segments of their caterpillars. They also played names using Hundred Squares and practised their number bonds to 10, 20 and 30.